Are you still missing the happy relationship that your wedding day promised to you?
Do you end up being flooded by negative emotions, such as hurt, frustration and fear, when you end up arguing with your partner?

Sometimes, you even think that it would be safer to be alone?

From: Neil Warner
Publisher of "The Art of Positive Conflicts: Transforming Confrontation into Relationship Harmony"

Dear friend,
Are you searching for a way to express your feelings and needs in a way that promotes understanding and bonding, effectively solving issues that normally end up in conflicts, arguments and bitter fights?
You know what I'm talking about here: some words are said, the other side reacts with unexpected anger, you don’t know how to react, and then try to use logic and a cold head, and hell broke loose on you!
As a result, you’d prefer a dental procedure better than another heated discussion with your loved one…..but this strategy takes both more and more apart. Silence, resentment and hostility are the components of the dysfunctional relationships many of us are trapped in.
Do you want to feel free of fear of ruining your relationship only because you try explaining your needs? Do you wish to have a positive way of responding to unjust suppositions and mean remarks?
Would it better for you to be able to trust your partner not reacting with hidden anger to simple, daily propositions?

do you need now some recognition and appreciation, in short: more love and less confrontation in your relationship? Probably nobody taught you in the past how to assert yourself, and in this way you did not develop the skills necessary to face difficult interactions, thus ending in a place where you feel scared, controlled or ignored.
Here is a way to build your self-esteem and
know how to respond in a way that respects what you do need, and takes care of the relationship. Now you can learn a better way to negotiate differences with your loved one, so you can stop feeling scared of expressing yourself.

This ebook offers you fresh perspective on your relationships, and shows you ways to turn around a situation, using conflicts as a growing opportunity from witch you and your relationship will benefit.

There is a lot of positive energy in conflicts,and if you understand the dynamics of conflict and read the underlying motivations of a fight, you will not any longer be confused about what the other person is trying to accomplish by confronting you. By learning to read intimate confrontations as messages with indicators of the areas where you need to make changes in your bond, you will be redirecting this energy for your own growth, and harvesting love and respect at the same time.

Learn how to use these easy strategies, and
you will have the secret key to recover your balance and joy in every aspect of your life: family, love and work. If you wish to rescue your relationships and have the people you care about respecting you, then you are in the right place.
We created “The Art of Positive Conflict: Transforming Confrontation into Relationship Harmony” with your needs in mind, so you will improve your relationships with everyone FAST.

Thousands of people just like you have discovered the communication skills that will put them into the fast track to better relationship management. Will you be next? If you want long lasting, healthy and respectful relationships, learn how to apply the new, positive conflict techniques now

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'5 Essential Skills for Happy Relationships'

  • The top six predictors of a long-lasting relationship.
    Did you know that the first one is the way couples fight? Learn how to fight fair and watch your marriage grow!
  • Practical tips to do if there is too much anger in your relationships.
  • How to build Trust and Confidence through listening skills.
  • The importance of recognition, how to communicate better, and more...
  • The top six indicators of conflict escalation.
    Be aware of these signals so that you can stop destructive conflict escalation and begin negotiating!

"Thank you so much for your course. It has already helped me so much, you wouldn't believe it! You truly are a brilliant, brilliant woman!"
-- Bradford Phillips ( USA )

"Your advice for listening skills really works! I am amazed, I really needed this.""
Ignace Trent ( USA )

"This is the best free advice I have EVER found on the internet! Period! After my being able to use only two tactics, but they produced real changes in my relationship."
Alice Slade ( Canada )

"I have recently subscribed to your 6 day e-course (I'm up to day 3) and I have to tell you, it is fantastic and my husband is amazed at me defending my ideas now!"
-- Coreen Yates ( Australia )

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