Have You Ever Been Afraid of Confronting Someone You Love Because the Risk of Having a Shouting Fight?
Been burned out in hurtful disputes with loved ones in the past?

Unsure of how to respond in a way that solves your needs and allows both sides to make peaceful decisions?

From: Nora Femenia
Publisher of Positive Conflicts

Dear friend,

Are you in a relationship where there is more tough love than tender love? Probably nobody taught you until now the necesary skills to assert yourself, letting you helpless to face this difficult interactions. In consecuence it is normal that you find yourself feeling scared, controlled and emotionally abused. Now there is a way to build your self-esteem and to know exactly how to respond to a confrontation in a way that respects your needs, while taking care of the relationship.

In the past, you could even have developed a way of denying all conflicts in order to escape from confrontations, pushing yourself to hide your deep frustrations. Expressing your needs would provoke escalating arguments that would take the discussion into emotional abuse or any kind of violence. If it has happened to you, the scars of mistrust and anger are still there, waiting for you to heal.

But there is a better way, one where you stop feeling scared or pushed into a little corner. Now you will be able to turn around a situation and use it for your own advantage.

There is a lot of positive energy in conflicts; If you learn to read them as indicators of the changes you need to do to live better. You will be transforming your pain, anger and frustrations into energy for your own growth, and harvesting love and respect at the same time.

Learn how to use these easy methods in every aspect of your life: work, family, love. If you wish to rescue your relationships and have the people you care about respecting you, then you are in the right place. I created POSITIVE CONFLICTS for You, and you will be amazed how fast you can improve your relationships.

Thousands of people just like you have applied these techniques which put them into the fast track to the kind of relationship they do not even dare to dream before.

Will you be next?

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  • How to build Trust and Confidence through listening skills.
  • The importance of recognition, how to communicate better, and more…….
  • The top six indicators of conflict escalation.
    Be aware of these signals so that you can stop destructive conflict escalation and begin negotiating!

"Thank you so much for your course. It has already helped me so much, you wouldn't believe it! You truly are a brilliant, brilliant woman!"
-- Bradford Phillips ( USA )

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Ignace Trent ( USA )

"This is the best free advice I have EVER found on the internet! Period! After my being able to use only two tactics, but they produced real changes in my relationship."
Alice Slade ( Canada )

"I have recently subscribed to your 6 day e-course (I'm up to day 3) and I have to tell you, it is fantastic and my husband is amazed at me defending my ideas now!"
-- Coreen Yates ( Australia )

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Firstly, I have to let you know - you're probably making critical mistakes managing your personal relationships by using what you knew all your life! Probably, You don't even know it!

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